The logotype of Novia University of Applied Sciences signals entrepreneurship and freshness. The classic is contrasted by a stylized road or a rising curve expressing:

  • Education
  • Activity
  • Belief in the future

The logotype has two basic versions and one Swedish-English version:

1. A Swedish language version with the descriptive text ”Yrkeshögskolan” (=University of Applied Sciences in Swedish) placed above the name Novia. The logotype placement should either be on a colour background or free standing.

2. The international version with the text ”University of Applied Sciences” placed below the name Novia. The logotype is to be placed on a colour background.

3. The Swedish-English version is used only in special cases. Contact our graphic designer Jenny Nyman if you need this version.

Below the logotype in English language versions.

Logotype (international)

engelska frist red

University of Applied Sciences Novia 

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engelska frist white

University of Applied Sciences Novia

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University of Applied Sciences Novia 

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University of Applied Sciences Novia (black and white)

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