The primary colours of Novia University of Applied Sciences are a rust-red colour complemented with black and grey. The rust-red colour is found in the colour plate behind the logotype. It can also be used as an accent colour in headlines and texts that need to be highlighted. The rust-red colour represents the richness of the red ochre used on traditional houses in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland and thus it represents the Finland-Swedish.

The secondary colours of Novia University of Applied Sciences are light yellow, orange, green, blue and red-orange. These colours are used as background plates or as colours on other graphical elements. Sustainable development and ecological thinking are represented by the green colour. Entrepreneurship and optimism are portrayed through the yellow colour. The blue colour represents Finnish coastline and the red-orange for energy.

Every campus has its own colour. Both the primary red and the secondary colours are used for our campuses.

C0 M100 Y100 K30  |  R153 G0 B0  |  PMS 7621
C0 M40 Y100 K0  |  R227 G167 B22
C25 M9 Y100 K44  |  R134 G130 B4
orangerod C80 M0 Y0 K85  |  R0 G61 B76
bla C21 M79 Y100 K0  |  R192 G81 B49