Novia University of Applied Sciences - Christmas Greetings with a music video

YouTube Novia Julhalsning 2021

The theme of Christmas is fellowship and togetherness. Novia University of Applied Sciences wishes everyone Happy Holidays this year by releasing a music video. In the music video you can see Novia's staff singing and dancing together and by this we want to bring forward the importance of fellowship in these times.

“This music video project is about uniting all of Novia. We have done this together and that’s been the goal of the music video. It's about brightly looking ahead” says president Örjan Andersson.

In the video, Novia's employees sing to Shakin' Stevens’ Christmas song “Merry Christmas Everyone”. The music and the video are recorded in a studio and at all Novia's campuses. The song is also available on Spotify under the name "Novia Staff Band".

  • Composer: Bob Heatlie
  • Arranger: Mikael Svarvar
  • Video production: Kasper Dalkarl
  • Drums, percussion, keyboard and choir: Patrick Lax
  • Bass: Marcus Söderström
  • Church organ: Dan Lönnqvist
  • Sound effects: Eero Paalanen
  • Tenor Saxophone: Robin Käldström
  • Trumpet: Anders Sjölind
  • Vocals and guitar: Håkan Omars
  • Vocals and choral vocals, piano and Hammond: Mikael Svarvar
  • Vocals and choral vocals: Christine Sten
  • Vocals: Örjan Andersson
  • Recording and mix: Patrick Lax

Watch the video here!

Novia University of Applied Sciences wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

President/CEO Örjan Andersson

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