Novia UAS Trains Experts in AI


Novia UAS has renewed its Automation Technology Master’s degree programme with a completely new curriculum and focus on intelligent systems. The new degree programme centers on machine learning methods for e.g. automation and control system applications and also functions as support for decision-making. The studies take place at Campus Vaasa.

“Novia has followed industry trends and observed a need for more know-how within machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The degree programme is primarily designed for persons who are in the working life, with a Bachelor-level engineering degree. The studies can be completed alongside work, and the degree programme develops and deepens the students’ know-how of intelligent systems so that they may become experts in the practical applications of AI in their own work,” tells Head of Degree Programme Ray Pörn.

“The Master’s degree programme in Automation Technology provides knowledge on intelligent systems and the applications of AI. This is a field that will have enormous demand in the future, and Finland is at the forefront in terms of prerequisites. We are one of the countries that are estimated to have the biggest potential to utilize and take part in the economic development that AI applications will offer in the future,” tells Dean Kristian Blomqvist.

The degree programme provides the opportunity for a broad interdisciplinary career. Graduates will be qualified to work in various expert, development, and management positions in an international industrial environment when it comes to control systems and automation. The education also offers an excellent basis for a career in research or product development.

Novia invests strategically within the field of applied intelligent systems and is currently assembling its own research group that will offer companies services focusing on autonomous systems and the practical applications of AI. In addition, Novia organizes continuing education regarding intelligent systems, both as tailored training programmes for companies and as courses at the Open UAS.

The application period to the Master’s degree programme in Automation Technology is 7–20 January 2021. The degree programme covers 60 credits. The student intake is 20 persons, and the studies begin in autumn 2021.

Read more about the degree programme here: https://www.novia.fi/studies/master-degree-programmes/automation-technology/ 

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Novia University of Applied Sciences, Head of Degree Programme Automation Technology, Ray Pörn, tel. +358-50 431 1281

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