Novia and VAMK receive funding for Strategic Projects in Energy Technology

Technobotnia, tegelbyggnad fotad nerifrån, klocka och moln i fokus

Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) grants Novia University of Applied Sciences and VAMK University of Applied Sciences public funding amounting to 750,600 euros for research, development and innovation projects in energy technology. The two UAS’s shall tackle the global sustainability challenge in energy systems with the help of artificial intelligence, digitalization and industrial managment.

Research, development and innovation (RDI) within the energy sector are today an important focus for Novia and VAMK. The project FESIO – Flexible Energy Systems Integration and Optimization contributes to stronger competence in order to achieve a low-carbon society with renewable energy systems.

The Ministry’s funding requirements emphasized the existing links to the UAS’s strategy and strategically anchored RDI as well as the impact of socially, culturally, economically or ecologically sustainable development to the school’s own operation or for the region in question. The Ministry granted a total of five million euros for RDI projects; out of a total of 20 applications, seven were actually granted funding, including the joint application of Novia and VAMK.

“Novia is working towards a carbon neutral society. Our experts within renewable energy, industrial management, energy storage solutions and intelligent systems are in pole position when it comes to supporting the transition to renewable energy solutions. We are also very happy to team up with our colleagues at VAMK.” says Örjan Andersson President and CEO at Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Energy industry is on the threshold of a paradigm shift. There is a need for innovative research to create the required preconditions to manage the shift towards a more low-carbon operation. FESIO will, through cross-disciplinary RDI and cooperation with enterprises strengthen the quality and competitiveness of RDI.

Kati Komulainen at VAMK sees this funding as a sign of the two UAS’s being able to achieve significant results regionally and nationally.

“The beautiful thing is how the UAS’s different domains of competence complement one another. This is also an important signal from the Ministry to the Vaasa region and completely in line with our regional strategy. In this region, we work towards the same goals” says Kati Komulainen, President and CEO at VAMK University of Applied Sciences.

FESIO will start in 2022 and strives to achieve new and innovative possibilities for energy system handling and optimization supported by artificial intelligence (AI). Further, FESIO will strengthen regional expertise in RDI connected to energy storage and integration.

FESIO is managed by Novia UAS and shall work in cooperation with regional enterprises and support their development needs. Vaasa is home to the leading energy cluster in the Nordic countries, and the project will further reinforce this regional competence.

Further information:

Novia UAS, Örjan Andersson, tel. 050 527 2286

VAMK UAS, Kati Komulainen, tel. 046 856 7347

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