UAS graduates mainly satisfied with their degree

tyytyvaisyys tutkintoon uraseuranta vk en









Based on the responses, UAS graduates have found employment well, although there are differences between fields of study. At the time of responding to the survey, 91 percent of all respondents had a job and only less than two percent were unemployed. The respondents were also satisfied with their education, as 84 percent of all respondents were at least slightly satisfied with the degree they had completed. Over 70 percent of the respondents thought that the degree had provided them with abilities to act in working life and over 80 percent of the respondents said that employers value UAS Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
You can get to know the results of the career monitoring survey of graduates of 2014 on here.
You can also get to know the responses in more detail in the Education Statistics service of the Finnish National Agency for Education, Vipunen. In the service, you can view the results e.g. for each university of applied sciences and degree programme.

In addition, the results are taken to the Töissä.fi service, which helps e.g. in job-hunting. You can also submit your own career story there.
Summaries of the results have been presented to the executive management, teachers and career counsellors of universities of applies sciences, and to representatives of labour organizations. We also got good feedback from you on the survey itself. Based on it, we have clarified the instructions on answering the next survey and the response options of a couple of questions. The next career monitoring survey to graduates of 2015 will be sent next autumn.

More information: www.uraseurannat.fi


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