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 The Corona pandemic has brought great challenges for both students and staff at Novia University of Applied Sciences and Åbo Akademi University. Rapid changes and a move to digital solutions have been required in a short and intensive period of time. Now we need support for both students and teachers in order to help them manage to study and teach.

"The changes are expressed in a reduced sense of meaning among students, they can feel unmotivated, tired and do not have the strength to control their everyday life. This is understandable because it requires a lot of the students to be able to keep on studying without direct feedback and lectures in class and the support from the entire study community", says projet leader Dana Björkström-Jung.

The VERNA-project provides an opportunity for increased collaboration between Novia University of Applied Sciences and Åbo Akademi University. We include the student unions Novium and ÅAS and we are now building networks and strengthening cooperation with the unions, building trust and activities.

The project has on its agenda to develop a model for study circles and other groups easy to access.  Training everyday/life management coaches/tutors/mentors with mission to support the study community is also relevant. It is important to strengthen students' own resources and confidence in their own abilities in studies.

The project has hired a project manager and will start with a webinar in April. After that there will be activities together with the student unions and the staff.

Students at Novia UAS and Åbo Academy University can join in on the  free online lecture “Create sustainable study habits & strengthen your health” on Thursday 29 April at 2 pm.  Sign up to get a link to the lecture (this link is for both Novia UAS and Åbo Academy University students): https://survey.abo.fi/lomakkeet/13517/lomake.html?rinnakkaislomake=Registration

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During the lecture you can give feedback on what type of support you wish to get from Novia UAS and/or Åbo Academy University.

For more information, please contact project leader Dana Björkström-Jung (Dana.Bjorkstrom-Jung@novia.fi)

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