Novia UAS supports students from Ukraine and offers courses free of charge

Ukrainas flagga

Novia UAS supports students from Ukraine by offering them the possibility to study courses at Novia UAS without paying the course fees.

Studies for non-degree students at Novia UAS

Ukrainian university students can apply for a right to study as non-degree students in order to complete one or several courses at Novia University of Applied Sciences. Non-degree students participate in daytime courses and study under the same conditions as degree students at the university of applied sciences.

Ukrainian students can apply for non-degree studies if currently staying in Finland. Courses offered at Novia UAS can be found in our study guide and on our webpage.

Non-degree students may later apply for degree studies at Novia UAS. The courses completed as a non-degree student can be credited for in the degree.

For more information contact Student Services at studentservices@novia.fi

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