Novia UAS now offers a bachelor’s degree in English for future energy experts

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In 2022, Novia University of Applied Sciences offers 15 degree programmes in English. Five of the English bachelor and master-level programmes are offered in Vaasa and two are fully online. A newcomer in the selection this year is the Bachelor of Engineering, Energy Technology programme, which has specifically been created for the engineer-craving Vaasa region.

“Engineers in energy technology are in high demand, especially in the Vaasa energy cluster. By offering this degree programme in English, we hope to attract global talent to the region. Energy is a broad concept, and our programme gives students a wide background in the field. After graduating, they will have become true industry experts”, describes dean Kristian Blomqvist, responsible of Technology and Seafaring.

Close industry cooperation facilitates future recruitment

The application requirement for the Energy Technology programme is 120 ECTS in a related field, which will be accredited as part of the 240-ECTS bachelor’s degree. Engineers with a previous degree can therefore use the two-year programme to build up a sought-after specialisation in energy. The studies are full-time and given on the seaside multi-university campus in Vaasa. On campus, students are trained in the top-class technological laboratories of Technobothnia, in close cooperation with the industry.

“Novia offers a variety of new teaching and learning methods, such as project-based education. Our project courses, in which our students solve real-life problems for companies, are especially popular among international students. Through project learning, company visits, practical in-company training periods and thesis work our students come into contact with companies at an early stage of their studies, which facilitates smoother recruitment in the future”, explains Blomqvist.

High-class education in a personal setting

While still being a small multi-professional university, Novia UAS also offers students an international study climate. The international students come from all corners of the world to study in a city, where many companies use English as their company language. Among all Finnish universities of applied sciences Novia UAS graduates have the highest employment rate one year after graduation.

“We offer high-class education in a personal setting, with a relatively high degree of individual attention to each student. Our students can always turn to teachers for help and guidance in matters related to their studies”, Blomqvist describes.

Text: Vaasa International https://vaasainternational.fi/ 

The application period to Novia UAS’ degree programmes in English is 5‒19 January 2022

Bachelor's Degree Programmes
Application period 5-19 January 2022

Health and Welfare

  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, 210 ECTS/3,5 years, full-time studies, Vaasa

Technology and Seafaring

  • Bachelor of Maritime Management, Maritime Management, Captain 270 ECTS/4,5 years, full-time studies, Turku
  • Bachelor of Maritime Management, Maritime Management, Captain, 270 ECTS/4,5 years, part-time studies, Turku
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Maritime Technology, 270 ECTS/4,5 years, full-time studies, Turku
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Energy Technology, 240 ECTS/2 years, Vaasa New 2022, (Notice! Eligibility criteria: 120 ECTS of previous university level studies in a relevant field)


  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management, 240 ECTS/2 years, full-time studies, Raasepori (Notice! Eligibility criteria: 120 ECTS of previous university level studies in a relevant field.)


Master's Degree Programmes
Application period 5-19 January 2022


  • Master of Business Administration, Digital Business and Management, 90 ECTS, Vaasa
  • Master of Business Administration, Service Design, 90 ECTS, Turku
  • Health and Welfare
  • Master of Health Care/Master of Social Services, Health Care and Social Services, 90 ECTS, Online studies

Technology and Seafaring

  • Master of Engineering, Automation Technology, intelligent systems,60 ECTS, Vaasa
  • Master of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, 60 ECTS, Vaasa
  • Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering, 60 ECTS, Raasepori New 2022
  • Master of Engineering/Master of Maritime Management, Maritime Management, 60 ECTS, Turku
  • Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations, 60 ECTS, Turku


  • Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Management , 60 ECTS, Online studies


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