Novia UAS hosts this year’s international GIS conference – Sign up now!

Campus Raseborg

There are still vacancies for the international conference for GIS technology, which Novia University of Applied Sciences in Raseborg will host this autumn. This is the fourteenth time international Coastal GIS Symposium is arranged. The symposium will take place 16 - 18 September and only online, due to the corona pandemic. The number of participants is limited to 200.

Many have already signed up, however there are still available spots.

“The conference gives scientists and other interested people from all over the world the opportunity to convergence and establish networks. They can exchange knowledge, share experiences and ideas about GIS technology and tools. The goal is to be able to improve coastal planning and management, for an increasingly sustainable management of coastal areas ", says Lisa Naeve at Novia UAS. 

This year’s symposium theme is "Sustainable Coastal Planning in a Changing World”, and the main speakers are from Finland, Scotland and France. The symposium is overseen by the International CoastGIS Committee and planned by a local team at Novia University of Applied Sciences.

This year's conference also offers two workshops on the theme: Introduction to the new planning tool SCALGO with Dr. Helena Åström, and a diverse UAV workshop led by Dr. David R. Green, the conference's facilitator.

For more information about the conference, the workshops and registration visit the conference’s website.

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