Engineering Study Abroad: Estefanio Kesto

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Estefanio Kesto is an electrical engineering student from Michigan Tech with a focus on Photonics—the study of light detection, manipulation, and generation. Kesto talks about his experience studying abroad at Novia University of Applied Sciences and taking part of European Project Semester (EPS) in an article on the Michigan Tech website.

EPS is a collaborative learning program for undergraduate students studying any of the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s project-based, with projects often sponsored by companies in industry. This gives students the opportunity to apply their theoretical studies in the real working world.

Acording to Kesto, many engineering students don’t take the opportunity to study abroad. This is generally due to the misconception among them that transferring the course credits can be very difficult. Additionally, many students are intimidated by the financial aspects.  

Kesto says that he enjoyed his time at Novia. "The faculty who guided my team, went above and beyond in providing my team with the resources and guidance to accomplish the task at hand. Additionally, working in a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary team of engineers allowed me to better understand how different cultures approach academia, work, and day-to-day life."

Read the full article on the the Michigan Tech website.


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