Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes 2019

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Novia UAS offers three Bachelor's Degree Programmes in English.
Master Degree Programmes reguiers three years of work experience.

Application 9- 23 January 2019 at 

Natural Resources
Bachelor of Natural Resources, Raasepori Apply 20.3-3.4.2019
Master of Natural Resources, Raasepori Apply 20.3-3.4.2019

Business Administration
Master of Business Administration,Leadership and Service Design Turku Apply 20.3-3.4.2019


Master of Culture and Arts, Entrepreneurship in the Arts, Pietarsaari Apply 20.3-3.4.2019
Master of Culture and Arts, Leadership and Service Design, Turku Apply 20.3-3.4.2019

Bachelor of Maritime Management, Captain,Turku Apply 20.3-3.4.2019
Master of Engineering / Master of Maritime Management, Turku Apply 20.3-3.4.2019
Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations, Turku, Apply 1-31.10.2018

Health Care

Bachelor of Health Care, Vaasa Apply 20.3-3.4.2019


Master of Engineering, Automation Technology, Vaasa Apply 20.3-3.4.2019
Master of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, Vaasa Apply 20.3-3.4.2019 NEW 2019!


Master of Hospitality Management,Leadership and Service Design, Turku Apply 20.3-3.4.2019

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