Additional Application 17.7-4.8.2017

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additionalapplication fb

Additional Application

Campus Vasa - Vaasa

Master of Engineering, Automation Technology, part-time studies, deadline for pre-task 4.8, entrance examination (interview) 7-11.8, 5 study places offered

Campus Åbo -Turku

Master of Engineering/Master of Marine Technology, Maritime Management, part-time studies, deadline for pre-task 4.8, entrance examination(interview) 7-11.8, 5 study places offered

Master of Business Administration/Master of Culture and Arts/Master of Hospitality Management, Leadership and Service Design, part-time studies, for pre-task 4.8, deadline entrance examination 14.8 kl. 9 vid Auriga Business Center), 5 study places offered
Address: Novia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Aboa Mare, Hertig Johans Parkgata 21, Turku. Classroom Silja

Campus Raseborg - Raasepori

Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management, full-time studies, entrance examination 14.8 kl. 10, 10 study places offered

Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resource Management, part-time studies, deadline for pre-task 4.8, entrance examination (interview) 7-11.8, 10 study places offered


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