Actions at Novia UAS due to Coronavirus preparedness

Novia UAS takes action to reduce the risk of spreading infection on our campuses. Students and staff are informed about the actions via e-mail. This site will be updated in the fall, most of the information concerns the situation in spring/summer 2020. 

About studies in the autumn

At Novia UAS we plan to open our campuses right away from early autumn, this will be done with caution and abiding current safety directives. In short, the plan looks like this:

  • New students start their studies on campus at the end of August.
  • For older students, some of the teaching can be arranged on campus and some remotely. The Head of Degree Programme or Dean will inform how the studies are arranged within your degree programme.
  • Teaching that requires specific spaces or equipment will be conducted on campus.
  • All of Novia’s English taught degree programmes will offer an option of digital and/or distance study for students unable to join us on campus in Finland during the autumn semester 2020.

The situation can of course change, and if so, we will inform more in August. 

Distance Learning

Novia UAS continues to take action to limit the spread of COVID-19, for example by, as previously announced,  transfer studies to distance studies. Students receive information on how their own degree programme transfer to distance studies by e-mail from their Head of Degree Programme, and the staff will find more information regarding distance work on the intranet.

Some student resturants offer take away at discounted price. 

Practical training

At this stage, Novia does not call home students from practical trainings. However, situations may arise where the employer chooses to terminate the student's internship. In such cases, students are in contact with their Head of Degree Programme / teacher.

Studies/Training Abroad

Novia discourages all students who have not yet started their studies/training from travelling abroad.

Novia recommends that you who already are abroad should return to Finland as soon as possible.

Please contact Novia’s international coordinators to confirm if you decide to interrupt your stay or will continue your studies/training abroad. Please note that traveling becomes more difficult as airline companies have cancelled flights and countries have closed their borders. Follow the instructions given by local authorities and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or here: (in Finnish)

Read the information here regularly:

Incoming exchange students

Novia UAS does not accept exchange students in the autumn semester 2020. Information about applying to the spring semester is found here >>

Campus & Cancelled Events

Novia's campuses is closed from 18 March until further notice. Students who have personal belongings on campus, may make arrangements with teachers / janitors about retrieving the items.

The Student Union Novium has inhibited its events and suggested the student associations to do the same.

The events for Novia's alumnis, that were going to be held this spring, have been inhibited.


When returning from abroad, regardless of country, you will have to work or study at home for 14 days. This applies to both students and staff.

So far, no work-related trips abroad are made (valid from 12.3.2020).

All work and study-related trips also within Finland should be considered to be inhibited or postponed.

The staff work from home

As of Monday 16.3, it is recommended that anyone who can work at distance does that. The staff will agree on this with their nearest foreman.hibited.

Take care of yourself

Remember good hand hygiene: cough in the arm fold and sneeze in a handkerchief that you immediately throw afterwards.

We remind you of everyone's own responsibility to stay at home when sick to avoid infections of various kinds.

The study councellors are present virtually to guide you in your studies.

More information can be found by staff and students on the intranet and in their e-mail.

If you suspect infection

If you get symptoms or suspect infection, call your local health care station. If it is after office hours, call the on-call.

  • Vaasa: Weekdays, daytime (Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm and Friday 8 am-2 pm), call your health station. Other times, weekends and evenings, call national emergency assistance 116 117.
  • Turku: Call the city's telephone advisory on the corona virus, tel. (02) 266 2715 or general emergency, tel. (02) 313 8800.
  • Raseborg: Call Raseborg Health Station (019) 289 3000 at 8-15 or national emergency assistance 116 117.
  • Jakobstad: Call Malmska telephone counseling (06) 786 1333 around the clock or Nykarleby telephone counseling (06) 786 2701 round the clock.

You can also call national emergency assistance, tel. 116 117

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