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Welcome to Campus Vasa

Campus Vasa is located in Palosaari in Vaasa, which is a short walk away from the city centre, bus and train station. Campus Vasa offers an excellent study environment for Novia students in Vaasa. It is a lively learning environment with students representing a wide range of studies such as technology, business administration, health care and social services.

Vaasa is a beautiful city located on the west coast of Finland next to a World Heritage Archipelago. The city has a nice high spirited and international atmosphere making it ideal for the student population of 13 000. The city is perfectly suited for engineering students due to the fact that Scandinavia´s largest energy cluster can be found in Vaasa. Novia UAS (and its predecessors) in Vaasa has been a successful pioneer in higher technical education for more than 160 years. The Central Hospital of the district is located in Vaasa, providing many opportunities for practical training for our nursing students.

Vaasa is one of the most important higher education cities in Finland – statistically, every fifth person in Vaasa is a student at a university or a university of applied sciences. The strengths of these higher education institutions are multidisciplinary, multilingual and international education: more than 30 degree programmes in Finnish, Swedish and English with 13 000 students as well as lively international exchange of students and researchers.

Campus Vasa offers degree studies within health care and social services in Alere. Students within health care and social services can complete their practice placements at Vaasa Central Hospital, the health care stations in the region or different service units, by doing so they can achieve the skills needed within their profession

Vaasa is an active and international environment for students at Novia UAS. The modern facilities, the wide range of degree programmes, good work- and practice place situation within the industry and the public sector provide an attractive study environment.

Novia University of Applied Sciences and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, VAMK jointly develop cooperation, health care and social services education as well as applied research within in Alere. They share modern facilities and in the future the cooperation between these two universities will give their students the possibilities to joint teaching and teacher exchanges between classes taught in Finnish or in Swedish. This fact will be an absolute competitive advantage for students who want to excel and find work in the bilingual environments of Vasa.

The research center Technobothnia

The research center Technobothnia strengthens the region´s claim to being an important center for technical know-how. The project of creating the research center was carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the University of Vaasa, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK), and Novia University of Applied Sciences. The three seats of education are all situated in the close vicinity of Technobothnia. The unique collaboration between these universities guarantees a well-equipped and multifaceted unity of laboratories. The center creates a good breeding ground for new, innovative forms of collaboration with clear benefits not only for Novia´s staff and students, but also for the industry and the economy. For more information, visit

Campus Vasa

Campus Vasa is situated in western Finland at the narrowest point of the Gulf of Bothnia. The archipelago with its countless islands gives Vaasa the authentic feel of a coastal town. The language you hear is Finnish and Swedish. Swedish is the second official language in Finland, spoken by 5 % of the population but by about 25 % of the people in Vaasa. Swedish is also the main language of instruction at Novia.

We have a tradition of international contacts and work in a very international environment. Vaasa happens to be the strongest energy cluster in the Nordic countries, with an industry exporting worth of several billion euros annually. We offer one Bachelor degree programme and three Masters programme entirely in English and selected courses and projects in English.

Campus Vasa offers the following degree programme in English:

  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing
  • Master of Engineering, Automation Technology
  • Master of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration, Digital Business and Management  New 2020!

Contact Information

Wolffintie 33 and Wolffinte 31, 65200 Vaasa, Phone +358 (0)6 328 5001, E-mail: