Campus Åbo and AboaMare

Welcome to Turku

In Turku we offer education at two different locations in Turku at Henrikinkatu and Juhana Herttuan puistokatu. Turku is a big city in Finland and the student life is lively and full of traditions. There is an abundancy of student apartments and apartments on the free market in Turku, but there are also many students who need them.

Turku is a city of contrasts, modern and historical, on the stunning southwest coast of Finland. Turku has a student population of 40 000, making Turku a truly student centered city. Turku has a nationally remarkable harbor. There has been education in Marine Technology for over 200 years in Turku. A couple of years ago the degree programmes in Maritime Management moved to a new and modern study environment, including simulators and a planetarium.

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Campus Åbo in Turku

Novia UAsis a part of the new campus unity in the quarter of Gadolinia 2020. Campus Åbo in Turku offers the following degree programme in English:

  • Master of Business Administration, Service Design, 90 ECTS/2 years New 2020!

Campus Aboa Mare in Turku

The maritime programmes are situated at Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21 at the harbour. About 300 of Novia's students study at  Aboa Mare, on Juhana Herttuan puistokatu. The complex includes several commando bridge simulators and a real star sky.  Seafearing education is offered on an upper secondary level and on a Bachelor's and Master's level, further education students also use the same facilities.

Campus Aboa Mare in Turku offers the following degree programmes in English:

  • Bachelor of Maritime Management, Maritime Management, Captain
    270 ECTS/4,5 years, Åbo - Turku
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Maritime Technology
    270 ECTS/4,5 years, Åbo - Turku
  • Master of Engineering/Master of Maritime Management
    Maritime Management
    60 ECTS/1,5 years, Åbo - Turku
  • Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations
    60 ECTS/1,5 years, Åbo - Turku

Contact Information

Henrikinkatu 7, 20500 Turku, Phone +358 (0)2 432 3000. 
Auriga Business Center, Aboa Mare,  Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, 20100 Turku, Phone +358 (0)2 432 3000.