Strategy, Vision, Profile, Values

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Novia is a dynamic, international University of Applied Sciences (UAS) with high-quality education, research and development and innovation activity supporting working life. Novia is a leading actor in continuous learning.

In its areas of strength Novia is at the forefront among the universities of applied sciences in Finland and competitive and successful internationally.

Nationally, Novia has a natural role in promoting collaboration with the Nordic countries.



Novia is an entrepreneurial UAS with close contact to its students and working life. Novia is dedicated to meeting the competence needs of bilingual Finland and its sustainable societal development.

Novia has extensive and concrete collaboration within the Nordic countries thanks to its cultural and linguistic heritage. Novia is working to make Finland stronger in the Nordic cultural community and to promote cooperation within business and working life.

Novia creates welfare through regional networking and global competence.



Novia's values are competence, commitment and sustainability.



Campus Vasa
Campus Åbo
Aboa Mare, Åbo
Campus Raseborg
Campus Allegro Jakobstad         

Sites Abroad
Subic Bay, Philippines


Faculty of Technology and Seafaring                 
Faculty of Health and Welfare
Faculty of Business
Faculty of Arts and Culture
Faculty of Bioeconomy 


The Schauman Hall (ownership 100 %)
Aboa Mare (ownership 70 %)
GigaMare Inc (ownership 20 %)
Edunova Ab (OWNERSHOP 50 %)


Areas of Expertise

orange symbol, light bulb with leafSustainable Energy Technology

dark blue symbol, ship steering wheelAutomation and Maritime Simulation

red symbol, hospital bagInterprofessional Health and Welfare

dark green symbol, diagramsBusiness Development

yellow symbol, creative toolsArts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship

green symbol, hand holding small plantBioeconomy and Sustainable use of Natural Resources